Leif Ericson Camp

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camp logo long color with gnome+ logo

                 Staff Alumni Photos

1987 staff taken on first island (Gnome Island)

1988 staff taken on Big Top bridge

1989 staaff

1990 staff at first island

1991 Staff Taken at Tipi Village

1992 taken at chapel



1993 Staff taken at Civil War tent village

1994 Staff taken at Big Top

1995 Staff taken at camp entrance

1996 Staff taken at caboose

1997 Staff taken at Big Top

1998 Staff taken on bus

1999 Staff taken at Gitchi Manitou

2000 Staff taken at younger craft cabin

2001 staff taken at caboose

2002 staff by bus

2003 staff in playing field



2004 staff on caboose

2005 staff at tipi village

2006 staff at upper village

2007 staff at caboose

2008 staff at caboose

2009 staff at ropes course

2010 Staff at Outpost Fort

2011 staff at staff cabin