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Skits (short plays) at Leif Ericson are done by camper groups or by counselor groups for the campers entertainment.

The following is a list and description of most skits done at camp. 






Special Notes

Trained Caterpillar

Trainer, Caterpillar


Trainer shows off tricks like jumping and dancing, and walking over someone.

While walking over someone, you dump water on them saying oops, it’s not trained yet

Towels/tarp to cover kids to make the caterpillar, cup or bottle of water

More water the better


Captain, line of crew, Dumb person in back, telescope


Enemy ship approaching, need to fire torpedoes, so goes down the line fire torpedo, person in back states “I don’t know how”

Person in back shouts “I don’t know how” after a massive amount of enemies are spotted and rest of the crew evacuates

You will need a table to sit on

Could also be an airplane.

JC penny

Kids with stuff, Person asking questions, JC Penny

Person standing around compliments others walking by, and asks where they got X item. They respond: JC Penny

Person wrapped in towel runs by, the person standing around asks: who are you?

Response: JC Penny!

Any extra clothes/jackets/hats to say they got from        JC Penny


Is it time?

People sitting in a line, legs crossed

One person asking: is it time? Group responds no. Repeat.

Is it time? Yup it’s time. The group uncrosses legs, and re-crosses them going the opposite direction

Use a table so you can see the people better than if they were on the floor

Yup. That’s it

Infant Tree

People running and screaming, person with a twig/branch

The people run and scream “The infantry is coming!”

Person with twig runs out stating: it’s the infant tree


Be sure to enunciate infantry and infant-tree, often turns into a random scream fest.

Royal Paper

King/queen, guards, royal announcer, commoners

The announcer states the king/queen has lost his royal paper, and the commoners come to bring different types of paper to which king/queen says NO

One commoner brings toilet paper to which king/queen states THIS is my royal paper and runs off

Crown/cape for king/queen,  Different types of paper: normal, wrapping, newspaper, etc.

Table is optional if you’d like your king/queen to have a throne


Fishing Skit





Person holding imaginary fishing pole, people walking by

Person walking by asks “What are you doing?” person responds, “fishing” wanna try? Hand over imaginary pole


The final person walking by asks, “well have you caught anything?” the person gives him an imaginary pole and  says: “well, I just caught another sucker”


Table is optional






Special notes

Magic Lamp

Genie, people lost in desert, last person

People lost in desert stumble upon magic lamp, genie grants each one wish, everyone but the last wishes to go home, and runs off stage once genie grants it

Last person looks around and says: I sure am lonely here, I wish all my friends were back: all the people run back on stage and groan and moan

Water bottle or something similar for the lamp, anything creative for genie

Can use an optional narrator to set up the scene and explain they’ve been walking in desert for X amount of days

Emergency Broadcast Signal

Speaker, people standing in a line making annoying noises

Speaker explains the annoying sounds is a test of the emergency broadcast system

Speaker states, “If this were a real emergency, you it would go like this:” and everyone proceeds to run away screaming


Only use if strapped for time or if extremely unoriginal

Firing Squad

Captain, guards, prisoners, firing squad

Captain orders guards to get prisoners and asks guards to state their crimes. Guards respond with silly answer. Prisoners are moved in front of the firing squad, but after “ready, aim,” they shout a natural disaster and the guards get scared and the prisoners flee

The final prisoner shouts “Fire!” after “ready, aim.” And is promptly shot to death.


Make sure prisoners shout natural disasters to keep with the theme of the punch-line. If you throw in too many nonsense answers then the punch-line doesn’t make as much sense.

Enlarging machine

Shouter, people with items, people holding tarp, people behind tarp

The shouter tells people passing by to see the magical enlarging machine. (hidden behind tarp) The people with items toss theirs in and receive a larger version of whatever they threw in.

The final person to walk by shouts “I don’t believe this thing is real” and then pretends to spit behind the tarp, and then the people behind the tarp throw out a bucket of water, soaking anyone in the audience

This skit is extremely prop heavy. You need an item for each person passing by and then another item that will get thrown back. Use anything available to you, and be creative! Don’t forget bucket of water!

More water the better! See if you can get the people in the back of the audience wet.






Special notes

Have to go wee

People laying down in a row, kid who has to go

Kid says “I have to go wee” and it is passed down the line. They return saying “hold it” Repeat with a few variations

Kid says “I really have to go wee” and then finally is told he can go wee. The kid hops up and starts dancing/ running around yelling “weeeeeeeeeeeee!”



Jumping off a bridge

Reporter, people jumping

A reporter is depressed because they have no story, and proceed to try and jump off a bridge. Someone comes and stops them and asks why and then ask if they can join. Every time they’re about to jump someone new comes and joins. Be sure to repeat every-ones story.

After everyone has explained why they want to jump off a bridge, they all go through with it and jump off the bridge, except the reporter who stands back and states: “Now I have my story! X amount of people jump off a bridge!”

Need a table to stand on, and people to sit on the other side of it so it doesn’t tip over

Be creative with reasons for jumping off a bridge. Classics include: Dog got run over, It’s the last day of camp, I was driving here and ran over someone’s dog, etc.

I’m glad I am a camper (song)

Everyone standing in a line

People start the verse “I’m glad I am a camper, there’s nothing I would rather be, but if I weren’t a camper…” person in line jumps forward and states, “A ____ I would be!” They give their verse, and it goes down the line

After everyone has given their verse, and the final refrain given they sing/speak “Oh wait, there’s nothing I’d rather be”


Can also be substituted for “counselor” Ask around for ideas if you cannot come up with your own rhyme.

Brain Store

Person(s) Working at store, customers

Customers come in asking for various brains of celebrities, counselors, or animals, the person working says how much each costs

Last person comes in and asks for a certain counselor or directors brain. It is an obscene amount. They ask why and is told, “Because its never been used!”


Can make a storefront if you like, but isn’t needed.

Candy Store

Person(s) working, people holding a stick, customers

Customers come in asking for candy, but they are all out.

Last person asks “What DO you have?” Worker replies “Two suckers on a stick!”

Stick to hold by the “suckers”







Special Notes

Passing Time

People in circle, person walking up

People in circle toss a digital watch around

Person asks “What are you doing?” They reply “Passing time!”

A watch

Try and avoid as it is very uncreative

Monkey-ing Around

People acting as monkeys, other person

People act as monkeys

Person asks “What are you doing?” They reply “Monkey-ing around!”


Can also be horses. (horsing around) Try and avoid if possible

Ducks in a hardware store

Person at counter, ducks

Ducks come into store asking for a glass of milk. Store owner replies they don’t have any. Repeat. Finally, store owner says, if you ducks come in here one more time, I’m going to nail your bills to the counter

Ducks come into the store asking if they have any nails. Owner states, “Sorry, we’re fresh out” They then ask for a glass of milk.

None needed, but be creative if you like


Water in the Desert

People wandering in desert

The people wandering are slowly moving around, crying out for water

They stumble across a canteen of water, and proceed to use it to comb their hair

Combs, water bottle


Fishing in the skating rink

People fishing, off stage voice

People are fishing, and off stage voice states, “there are no fish down there!” People are confused. Repeat.

The people ask if its god, the voice states, “No, this is the ice skating rink manager, there are no fish down there!”

Sticks for fishing poles, but not needed


Make-up skit

People in front, people in back

People in front put arms behind them, allowing people in back to act as their arms. One person states “Let’s get ready for our dates!”

The people in back smear makeup all over the faces of people in front. Ha-ha.

Makeup, something to cover clothes so they don’t get ruined

Bonus points for grabbing counselors out of the audience to be victims

Dog in a box

Person with Box, people walking by

Person with box asks another person to hold his box while he leaves for a bit, the person notices the box is dripping and tastes it. They pass the box off

The owner finally comes back and states, “Thank you so much for holding my puppy!” The other people all look horrified

A box

Each person can say something different for what it tastes like. Keep it clean.






Special Notes

Throwing pebbles off the bridge

Teacher, students walking in, Person in towel

Teacher is distressed that students are late. When the arrive, teacher asks where they’ve been, they reply “Throwing pebbles off the bridge”

Person with towel comes in, Teacher asks, “Who are you?” The person replys “Pebbles!”



Fly Baseball

Various baseball players

People are standing around bored, wondering what to do, finally suggest Fly baseball. They catch a fly, and proceed to play. The fly is knocked unconscious after a few plays, and the players proceed to help the fly.

The fly is revived, and then the person holding it high fives someone close to them. They realize they just squashed it and are grossed out.


Make sure it is organized, and not just out of control especially when reviving the fly

Sneezing Soldier

Captain, soldiers marching in a row

The marching soldiers start sneezing, one at a time, captain asks: “did you sneeze?” They reply: “No sir!” to which they are promptly hit, and fall on ground and stay

Last person sneezes and is asked “Did you sneeze?” person responds “yes” and the captain responds, “oh, well then bless you.” They keep marching.



Scariest Person in the World

Person working, person under towel, people walking by

Person working states, “Step right up and see the scariest person in the world!” The people in line look under the towel, and proceed to feint

The last person looks under the towel, and the “Scariest person” feints.


Bonus points for getting a director or counselor to be the last person

Echo skit (baloney)

People walking by, person in well

People walking state, “This well has an echo if you call down to it.” They say things, and person in the well repeats it back to them.  One person states, “Baloney”, and nothing is repeated, so they move on

Last person states something to the effect of “____ is the coolest person ever!” The well states “Baloney!”

None needed, but feel free to be creative with the well







Special Notes

Pulling wings off a fly

People over the fly, last person

People catch a fly, and start saying to pull its appendages off, until it’s just a body

Last person comes by, and says “Hey a raisin!” And pops it in his mouth




Commanders, Recruits, People attacking, a final tank

Commanders yell recruits, telling them they are all out of ammo and need to protect the base using psychological warfare. They teach them how to use a stick to “Stabbity-stab-stab” them. Commanders leave and recruits need to use stick against enemies. Repeat with “Bangity-bang-bang”

The commanders leave for another time, and more enemies come. Finally, there is an unstoppable force that the recruits just can’t seem to fake shoot down, and are trampled. The unstoppable force yells, “Tankity-tank-tank!”

Sticks, helmets if you like, brush or any makeshift camouflage for the enemy attackers

Be sure to enunciate the final line so it makes sense. Also, make sure group is mature enough to handle it. Often this is a staff-only skit.

Lawnmower skit

Owner, lawnmower, People walking by

Owner is frustrated that his lawnmower just won’t start. People walk by and offer solutions, but none work.

Final person finally gets the lawnmower to work. The owner says, “I guess all it needed was a big jerk!”


Can use a counselor or director for last person

The Power Skit (Movie making)

Director, Girl, Bandits, mom, ambulance, priests, camera person, sound person

The director gets his actors prepared and they start the scene, The girl walks by, is robbed and killed, the mom comes by crying and calls the paramedics, the paramedics cannot help and then the priests come by to say a prayer. After this is completed, the director is furious and says it’s all wrong. He then gives the actors a style to do it in. Repeat

The director finally says, “What we need is to combine all those styles” The actors do a combined style. The Director is thrilled, and says to the camera man “Please tell me you got that!” The camera man looks horrified and says “oops, we ran out of film” or “Cap was on” or “Battery died” and then the actors all chase him out

Tons upon tons of props are needed. Every actor needs costumes, camera, “boom mic”, whatever else you can find

Staff only skit. Save it for rainy days, when there is lots of excess time, or on final days of camp. Drag out as long as needed.






Special Notes

The Medicrane (Loon full of sugar)

Narrator, mayor, townspeople, construction workers baker, artist, medicrane,


The narrator tells the entire story, and the people follow along. The happy village is plagued by the medicrane, and it eats people every night. The mayor calls town meetings to try and solve the problem. Workers dig a hole, artists make a loon, and bakers fill it with sugar. The medicrane jumps in the hole, and the villagers cover him up.

The narrator states “because everyone knows…” The villagers all line up for a can-can while singing “Just a loon full of sugar helps the medicrane go down”

Tons. Villagers need costumes, the ones with specific roles need to look like it, the medicrane needs to look like some sort of beast

Staff only skit.

Rabid Green Tree Frogs (Motorcycle gang)

Mean leader, nice person, motorcycle gang, “leader” of the gang

The two people go camping, one is forced to do all the work. Each night they are attacked by the motorcycle gang, and the person outside is tickled. On the last night, the person who sleeps in the tent says, “You know what, I’m sorry I’ve been so mean, you can sleep in the tent tonight”

On the final night, the gang leader states, “We’ve picked on this guy enough, let’s get the guy in the tent!” And they tickle him

Lots of backpacks, anything needed for a tent/campfire

Staff-only skit

Quit While you’re ahead

Narrator, Mom, dad, head, school friends, people in the post office, bus at the end

Narrator tells the story of a couple who wants a child, but are given just a head for a kid, The kid grows up, wishing each night for a body. He grows up and goes to school, he grows up more and gets a job at the post office, finally one night:

The head finally gets a body, and runs across the street, and is run over by a bus. Moral of the story: Quit while you’re a head.

Trash-bag or sweatshirt for the head, anything else you’d like to use

Staff-only skit

Bus Accident

Camper passengers, bus driver, narrator, bull

Narrator tells the story of a bus that hits a bull in the road. Bus driver shouts

“Bull” bus hits bull and campers fly all over and driver flips head over heels. Bull does flips.All lay down and holler ouch ,including bull.

Narrator says we will now watch in fast motion. Everything is speeded up as much as possible. After, the narrator ask if campers want to see it in slow motion. It is replayed in slow motion, including sounds. At the end bull sticks his head into bus and says (in slow motion) Ouch, that smarts!

Table(bus), window frame, steering wheel, bull horns (made of old ole horns or a Viking helmet)

Staff-or camper skit.

Manhole number 11

Camper jumper, camper stranger, camper group.

Camper is standing on the table next to a black circle. Other campers are talking about not seeing anyone for a while, when another camper is seen in the distance. Camper on the table say get ready, and starts jumping next to the black circle, while the others shout eleven, eleven, eleven.

Stranger asks what the jumper is doing, and jumper says he is just jumping for fun. Stranger asks if he can join and is placed on top of the black circle, where he jumps a few times and falls through the manhole, and the others shout “twelve, twelve, as another stranger approaches..

Fake manhole cover










Stranger in town

Narrator, preacher, townspeople, sheriff, true maiden, black stranger and his gang

Narrator tells the story of brave sheriff who has the fasters draw in the west.

Townsperson runs up to sheriff and says a stranger all dressed in black, calling himself is coming and claims he will out draw the sheriff and take the town’s truest maiden. Sheriff, with town folks behind him, confronts the black stranger, who says “leave right now sheriff,. cause I can out draw you  and I will take your fairest maiden away with me.

Bring her here. Townsfolk bring maiden with sack over her head. Black gang ties her up, while she screams.

B.S asks why she has a sack over her head and sheriff says it is to protect her beauty from the wind and sun.. Sheriff and B.S. face each other with hands on holsters. The town preacher stands near and says at the count of 10, draw. Suddenly Two townsfolk bring two drawing boards or easels and crayons out, and the preacher reaches ten. Both pull out their crayons and start drawing. The sheriff finishes first, as the townsfolk cheer, but BS and gang grab the maiden and shout “did you think the Black gang would play honest? HA HA

BS grabs the maiden and rips her sack off, showing a very ugly mask, the BS gang runs off screaming.


Large crayons, drawing paper, mustache for BS, Black hat or clothes, ugly mask, paper sack, hat and badge for sheriff. Western music (high noon song?)

Staff- skit.

Moral is :When faced with BS, always have a back up plan  consisting of the truth. (not told to campers)







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